19 Feb 2018

Last week was dedicated to (re)mastering BGP 😉

12 Feb 2018

Last week was dedicated to OSPF. Pretty sutisfied with the results 😉

5 Feb 2018

Last week was dedicated to IOS XR infrastructure, hardware architecture.
ISIS was also studied. Need to dig dipper into ISIS stuff.

29 Jan 2018

Late start 😉 Was pretty busy and lazy 😉
I will start my studies immediatly dedication as much time as I can. Initial plan for written – 1 week for the technology.
Exam Guide + Learnin Matrix + MPLS Enabled Applications + MPLS In The SDN Era + RFCs.
“Go back N” strategy. Every friday dedicated to knowledge refreshing – mostly Cisco Press books to be used.

06 Jul 2017

I am bored. New target needed! CCIE SP in in 9 months! (Apr 2018).


CCIE RS LAB Passed. I now have my number 😉
That was fun! 😉 (even thou I am late for 5+ months 😉


I finally passed  CCIE written. The score is not so good as I’ve expected. But nevertheless. The initial idea was to pass written by mid May 2016. I am late for a month because of pretty hot days at work. Maybe that is also a reason for missed questions.
I will have a rest for a week or so and continue with LAB preparation. The same 3 monthes are dedicated. So the LAB exam should be taken early October 2016.
Moving forward!