EEM uses event detectors and actions to provide notifications of
those events.

Event detectors that EEM supports include the following:
■ Monitoring SNMP objects
■ Screening Syslog messages for a pattern match (using regular expressions)
■ Monitoring counters
Timers (absolute time-of-day, countdown, watchdog, and CRON)
■ Screening CLI input for a regular expression match
Hardware insertion and removal
Routing table changes
IP SLA and NetFlow events
■ Generic On-Line Diagnostics (GOLD) events
■ Many others, including redundant switchover events, inbound SNMP messages, and
Event actions that EEM provides include the following:
■ Generating prioritized Syslog messages
Reloading the router
Switching to a secondary processor in a redundant platform
■ Generating SNMP traps
■ Setting or modifying a counter
■ Executing a Cisco IOS command
■ Sending a brief email message
Requesting system information when an event occurs
■ Reading or setting the state of a tracked object

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