• UDP port 2048
  • content engines also communicate with each other using WCCP
  • Up to 32 content engines WCCPv1; lowest IP address – lead engine
  • Content engines request information on the cluster members from the WCCP
    router, which replies with a list. This permits the lead content engine to determine how
    traffic should be distributed to the cluster.
  • WCCPv1 – only HTTP port 80
  • WCCPv2:
    • TCP and UDP traffic other than TCP port 80 (FTP, Real Audio, Video)
    • Permits segmenting caching services provided by a caching cluster to a particular
      protocol or protocols
    • Supports multicast
    • Supports multiple routers (up to 32 per cluster)
    • MD5
    • Load distribution
    • Transparent error handling
ip wccp web-cache group-address password cisco
! Next we configure an interface to redirect WCCP web-cache
! traffic outbound to a content engine:
int fa0/0
           ip wccp web-cache redirect out
! Finally, inbound traffic on interface fa0/1 is excluded from redirection:
int fa0/1
         ip wccp redirect exclude in
! filter traffic only for certain clients
ip wccp web-cache redirect-list access-list
! types of redirected traffic the router should accept
ip wccp web-cache group-list access-list

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