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BGP order of preference

For inbound updates the order of preference is:
1. route-map
2. filter-list
3. prefix-list, distribute-list

For outbound updates the order of preference is:
1. filter-list
2. route-map | unsuppress-map
3. advertise-map (conditional-advertisement)
4. prefix-list|distribute-list
5. ORF prefix-list (a prefix-list the neighbor sends us)


  • source
  • destination
  • protocol type
  • incoming interface
  • length


  • incoming – link level (ip policy route-map)
  • locally originated (ip local policy route-map)

set ip|ipv6 default next-hop|interface – attempts to route based on the routing table, and only if no match is found in the routing table, the packet will be handled by PBR