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uRPF does have additional features. The first one is uRPF exemptions and violation logging. With this feature, you may specify a standard or extended access-list as follows:

ip verify unicast source reachable-via [rx|any] <ACL-NUM>

The uRPF feature consults this access-list for packets violating the uRPF condition. If the ACL permits a packet, it is allowed to pass through. If the ACL denies the packet, the router drops it. You may use the log keyword to log the packets allowed or denied by the uRPF access-list.

URPF with ACL configured order of operations

Step 1 Input ACLs configured on the inbound interface are checked.

Step 2 Unicast RPF checks to see if the packet has arrived on the best return path to the source, which it does by doing a reverse lookup in the FIB table.

Step 3 CEF table (FIB) lookup is carried out for packet forwarding.

Step 4 Output ACLs are checked on the outbound interface.

Step 5 The packet is forwarded.